Wednesdays. No matter what you do, it’s hard to get away from office banter about “Hump Day.” The slang term for the middle of the week — it’s a downhill run after the clock strikes 5.

Here at YouEye, we came across (and got a huge kick out of) GEICO‘s latest commercial. If you haven’t already seen it, the commercial features a camel walking through a crowded office, shouting praises of “Hump Day” joy. Agency Spy and AdWeek even covered it!

Curious to learn more about how people interpret the commercial, we ran a brief three-participant study. The various scenes in the commercial were hilarious — We were most interested in learning more about how our participant’s emotions changed over the course of the scene.

We’ll break down our top-line findings after the jump. Want to dig right into the study? Hop in here.

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About the testers

For this study, we reeled in three members from our participant pool. They included a web developer, a business development professional and a student. All three were tasked with various questions about the commercial, including initial reactions, likes and dislikes, and opinions on GEICO as a company.

Key takeaways

Our participants all gave some great feedback on the ad, but we found that Jeffrey’s insights were particularly interesting:

  • On a first watch, he felt that the office setting was “kind of empty.” Despite remembering “the lady at the desk” (the one that the camel was able to get a reaction out of), he still didn’t understand exactly what the camera was about.
  • He watched the video again: On his second view, he noticed that there were more people in the office than he had originally thought, and that the featured actor did a particularly good job.
  • One area of improvement that he mentioned was that he wished people were more visible. Jeffrey noticed that most people were turned away from the camera — and it could have potentially been a stronger commercial if he had been able to see people’s reactions.
  • When he was asked about opinions on GEICO, he brought up and referenced other ads from the company. Despite it being funny, his opinions about the company didn’t really change — but he felt this commercial may have made him like them a little more.

What do you say?

This was another great commercial from the folks at GEICO, who traditionally come up with humorous commercials. Ready to see our participants’ emotions?  Dig into the studies here and let us know your thoughts in the comments!