Decoding Customer Experiences

YouEye’s Agile Research Platform automates in-person interviews for the collection of insights. Learn how customers feel about your digital products.

Receive automated reports on customer satisfaction, confusion, frustration, and more. Measure reactions to marketing campaigns, mobile app interactions, brand positioning, funnels, and any digital experience.



Agile Research Reports in 3 Days


By leveraging our Automated Interview Technology and on-demand demographic panels, customer experiences are quickly analyzed by our analytics engine. This means that a traditional research process of several weeks or months can be shrunk to several days or hours.


When qualitative insights and research are introduced into an agile environment, product and features are released twice as fast. According to Human Factors International, when targeted feedback and insights are available to each iteration of a product, fewer iterations are needed to provide the customer what is needed.


Automated Interviews

YouEye streamlines research by engaging with customers through the devices they already use daily to browse, shop, post, and be entertained. We capture real funnels, real interactions, and real users in the real world. Transcriptions are provided with every recording.

Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

Customers react while their device records the experience: screen, camera, and mic are captured. Fully approved by Apple, Google, and Amazon mobile stores.

Natural Enviroments

Customers participant from the comfort of home, office, or favorite coffee shop. The natural setting enables genuine experiences.

Online Research Library

See and share it all in one place. Each YouEye research project is summarized in an online report and delivered through our secure enterprise portal. Review each qualitative metric, every participant interview, professional analysis, and collaborate with your organization over insights.

Professional Analysis

Each research study and report is professionally designed and executed by your YouEye Research Manager.

Report Types

Video Evidence

Seeing is believing. Review participant highlights of each behavior metric. Here are examples from our interview platform.

Desktop Mobile


Demographic Panels

Tap into a panel of 1,000,000+ participants to conduct customer research. Panelists are mobilized on-demand through YouEye’s online sample platform.

Highly Targeted

Our panel is diverse, qualified, and has been reviewed for accuracy. Target by age, income, location, education, gender, professional industry, and more.

Your Customers, In the Wild

YouEye can generate a custom panel for our cliets. Grow a panel through on-site or in-app prompts. Get real feedback from your actual customers.

Professionally Managed

YouEye’s sourcing team works with you to find the exact demographics you need for special projects or needs. Through our network of recruitment partners we can find your match.

Research Mobile Apps

Understanding customer experiences across devices and form factors is key in a competitive market. YouEye is the first to offer true experience capture with full app store approval for both tablet and smartphone.


iOS & Android SDK

Integrate YouEye technology in mobile apps with our SDK. Record both iOS and Android devices.

In the Wild Research

See and measure what customers do when they use devices. Capture true experiences in true environments.

In-Depth Professional Reports

Start With Agile Research

YouEye offers specific report types for your unique business and project needs.


Marketing Teams
  • Brand Equity Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Message Comprehension
  • Ad & Video Media Trials

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Ecommerce Teams
  • Cognitive Funnel
  • Qualitative A/B Testing
  • Conversion Usability
  • Pre-Sales Analysis
  • Heuristic Analysis

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Product Development
  • Smartphone Usability
  • Tablet Usability
  • Desktop Usability
  • Prototype Evaluation
  • User Behavior Patterns

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